Important Things to Know Before Hiring New Team Members

If you are reading this, I encourage you to take a couple of extra moments right now to reflect on your business and evaluate what stage it is currently in. Are you just getting started & have a lot to learn? Do you have some processes set in stone but feel ready to grow? Or do you feel confident that you are fully prepared to focus on scaling? You may be at the stage in which you are beginning to think about hiring new team members. If you are, there are tons about it in today’s post in store for you!

Now that you have done a check-in with yourself, how do you feel? You may be thinking wow, I really am ready to level up my business. You may also be wondering, is this completely possible to do all by myself?

One of the single most important lessons I have learned from over the years in business is that even us rockstar female entrepreneurs (yes, you included) cannot grow and scale a business on our own.

When you work alongside trusted team members, you have access to their minds and their creative ideas. This allows you to launch bigger and better, usually more than you could have ever imagined! You also are given a golden opportunity to delegate important business duties and through doing so, you establish yourself as a trusted, confident, and empathetic leader.

If you are seriously considering taking this leap & expanding your team, know that there are some key things to contemplate before hiring new team members.

Here are some questions to explore before hiring new team members:

Can my systems be improved before growing my team?

In order to prevent potential stresses, hiccups, and wasted time, you want to make sure that your future team members will be entering a harmonious ecosystem of business systems. Do you need to invest more money in your systems to accompany new team members? Are they simple to understand and work within? Will they help facilitate quick & efficient communication between team members?

Can I explain my day-to-day operations to a new team member?

You must confidently know how your business operates in order to effectively communicate how you expect your team members to proceed in their duties. At the end of the day, your business is your baby! No one should know the ins and outs more than you do.

How can hiring new team members help me connect with my clients on a new level?

New team members bring new, fresh perspectives to the table. These will be INVALUABLE for you to leverage if you are seeking to help take your client’s businesses to the next level. You can connect on a deeper level with your clients when you show that you fully understand their needs by bringing innovative and personalized ideas to them. You will need to lean on your team to help you with this!

Have I consulted with a strategy team?

A lot of times we are seeking that “aha” moment that helps seamlessly guide us to take some level of forward action in our business. Oftentimes, this moment can reveal itself through a strategy-brainstorming session with a consulting team. If anything, consulting with a strategy team helps you check your ideas & ensure that you are on track with your goals.


Now, you’ll click off of this post feeling even 1% more informed about what is necessary to know and do before hiring new team members.

You may be in a bit of a strange, scary, or overwhelming place right now thinking about what you need to do. My best advice is to be patient, get in alignment with your goals for your business, and LEAN into the possibility of change.

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If you are seriously looking to take that next step in your business & act on it (like Yesterday), I would love to hold a strategy call with you. The aim of the call will be to help you get specific on how to successfully delegate in your business, once you begin hiring new team members. And of course, we will work to customize a delegation strategy that suits your particular business!✨



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